Australia is the gold medal winner in child sexual abuse

Forced Separation is an Extreme Form of Psychological Abuse

The government is a bad parent with children more at risk in State care.

The default thinking is to remove children from the frying pan into the fire. However, it is known and accepted that children in OOHC or foster care are in more danger of being raped and abused, and more likely to have social challenges and face poorer life-long health outcomes. Children are over 20X more likely to die whilst in care. Why would a court, charged with a child’s safety, have a default position to place the child and at greater risk (in State care)? And we have no idea of how many of these children were taken from happy nurturing homes.

How can one consider it in the best interests of a child when three officers forcibly grapple a desperate screaming girl or boy from the person they love deeply (mother and/or father) and then subject that child to the extreme form of psychological abuse of separation for the remaining of their child and teen years? The same displaced and vacuous destiny awaits a breast feeding baby when it is ripped from its mother’s breast on shaky or spurious claims.

Is this a sign of a mentally sick society?

Nancy Schaefer

The power of Child Protective Services... Nancy's speech about the report that cost her her senate seat; but may have resulted in her death.