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Jobs and Growth in the Child Care Service Empire

The criminal has more legal standing than a protective parent, and the child has NO legal protections at all.

The child and parent caught up in the child or infant removals racketeering business are dealt a brutal blow. The law, the country and its leaders have completely abandoned them. Everything is done to keep them apart – and no expense (of misappropriated funds) is spared to do so. And it’s become obvious that the more children under State guardianship; the more jobs are created – and the more tax is required to deliver ever-increasing services, salaries, fees, and profits. The child trade or ‘protection racket’ operates like a syndicate with each person playing their role.and earning from the unwarranted removals. 

Syndicates form alliances to pool resources effectively where each syndicate partner shoulders some of the risk of any potential negative impacts if a transaction (child removal) runs into trouble. Each profession, department or person is a cog in the wheel facilitating the smooth (legal and illegal) removal of children from unsuspecting families and vulnerable parents. As each person (e.g., from social worker, to  psychiatrist, doctor,  Independent child lawyer, to magistrates, etc.) only performs their role so no one is wholly accountable. Like layers of an onion, one profession shields the next making it almost impossible to challenge, with vulnerable parents being unable to comprehend the scale and ingenuity of the removals business.

And it seems that the child trade by State government agencies has, in effect… a “NO RETURN POLICY.”